McMaster University
Sexual Violence Response Protocol

This website is a place where survivors of all backgrounds and social identities can find support and information about sexual, intimate partnership or family violence including rape. It’s also a place where campus members can find tips on how to provide the best support possible to survivors who disclose sexual, intimate partnership or family violence.

If you're not sure what to do or where to turn, a good starting point is talking with the Sexual Violence Response Coordinator. You can talk with her about what happened to you. She’ll listen and, when you’re ready, she’ll also give you information about what your options are, how you can find more support and what next steps you might consider taking.

Not sure where to turn?

Meaghan Ross Profile Picture

Meaghan Ross
Sexual Violence Response Coordinator
(905) 525-9140 Ext. 20909
University Hall, Room 107

Confidentiality Statement